Strategic Planning

Whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful dust off of your strategic plan or a more in depth community consultation and planning process I can help. Let’s talk about what exactly are you fundraising for? What success looks like and how will you get there? If you can’t easily answer these questions it is time to create a new roadmap to success. Let’s work together to create alignment within your organization and articulate something achievable and practically useful.

Total transformation

We will start with a development audit to determine where your opportunities are and how healthy your fundraising program is. We will interview your staff, board and volunteers, then conduct a training day to share their feedback and bring forward recommendations. Once we have determined the right strategy for your organization we will develop the tactical plan required for your total transformation and I will coach you through implementation.

Major gift overhaul

Is your donor file reaching its potential? Are you experiencing a high level of engagement from your top supporters? Is your board involved in cultivating, stewarding and soliciting your prospects? If not we can fix that. Let’s get you off the hamster wheel of direct mail and foundation grants and start building a culture of philanthropy that will result in a robust major gift program.


Why should I donate to your organization? What kind of impact will my donation have? Can you tell me? Do you have compelling stories and an emotional case for support? I can help you do that. Let’s work together to inspire people to choose your organization for their donations.

Planned Giving Program

Do you have one? Are you having conversations with your donors about their estate plans? Have you earned the privilege of being one of three charities they want to support when they die? I can help you with simple strategies to start building planned giving conversations into your organization. You simply can’t afford to wait any loner.



Sometimes having a cheerleader in your corner to help talk through how to overcome obstacles and lead your team can be helpful. I’d be happy to help you if you are stuck or feeling isolated.

If you found yourself nodding your head as you read this page then let’s talk right away. I’d be happy to spend some time on the phone so we can talk about the unique needs of your organnization.

Email me at or phone 289-231-1339.


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