Many charities are struggling with a need to change but are stuck in the world of “How we’ve always done it”. I can help create the change you are looking for.

I work with a lot of Non Profit Executives and Fundraisers to help them do more to build positive community change. Sometimes the process starts with a community assessment, strategic plan, a board training session, sometimes an audit of the fundraising program is needed or perhaps just a bit of coaching.

If you are looking to create change needed to raise more money, be happier and more joyful in your work (and life!) and create a better world for all of us I can probably help you.

Let’s start a conversation about the unique needs of your organization.  No appointment necessary – just pick up the phone and dial 289-231-1339. Or if you are feeling a bit pressed for time you can email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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