Running a nonprofit is hard. I can help.

Your charity does great work. But you know it could be better.

I have been working with charitable organizations on strategy, business planning and fundraising since 1999.

My career started as a volunteer for a national health charity where I lead and facilitated hundreds of peer counselling training programs and support groups. When the opportunity came to transition from volunteer to a paid position I jumped on the chance!

I am known for seeing  the big picture, navigating conflict and creating alignment around new ambitious visions for change. Just yesterday a client said: “I feel so much more hopeful having talked to you.”

How are you doing? What is keeping you up at night? How can I help you find more joy in your work and more abundance for your organization.

Let’s talk about it. You can reach me on my direct and confidential cell phone at 289-231-1339.

KMA Incorporated is an agile, international consultancy located in Barrie, Ontario operating from a home office.

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